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Qikinfo is a passionate fully-serviced Internet Marketing and Website Development company that presents a valuable, dedicated online business service. Whether you are a start up or a well established company, we have developed a marketing solution that will meet the needs of your business which will help you succeed on the Internet. Furthermore we are a B-BBEE Level 1 Contributor so working with us is a benefit.

Our products are designed to help increase profit by creating online awareness as well as presenting an in-depth unlimited professional business profile to potential clients 24/7. Qikinfo provides an online platform for clients to market and sell their products and services on a private classifieds designated only for Qikinfo clients to benefit.

Our packages are well constructed and we have online marketing strategies that will accelerate your company’s growth immediately. Qikinfo will increase your company’s brand awareness, effectively promote your products and services and maximize your profit margin .We will implement our online marketing program that will outperform the competition, this will increase the traffic to your business and help generate more leads and sales.

South Africa is made up with many passionate, hard working and dedicated entrepreneurs. These business minded people are opening business every day. Having an online marketing solution like Qikinfo in your corner will definitely be an advantage because we save you money and time giving business owners all the rewards of advertising online. This will give you an added edge, in a very challenging ever changing and dynamic business environment. Adding your business online is the right choice. It will give you an equal playing field with your competitors. This will get you ahead of the rest. We aim to aggressively promote your business content through search engines and an array of other web-based opportunities including social media.

Qikinfo aims to target all South African online users of all ages and anyone looking to find clear, updated and trustworthy business related information in regards to contact details, services and products as well as discounted vouchers. As a user you will find discounted vouchers of businesses in your area. Become a member and get discounted voucher emailed to you. Qikinfo will be targeting international visitations and businesses who want to expand their business products or services in South Africa. With Qikinfo Nothing Is As Easy.