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BABLEEQZ RIDE ONS - Giving kids a space in society

We are a home based business which specializes in kiddies’ electrical ride on cars. Get personal attention & professional advice before just spending your money.

We keep stock on hand and have tailor deals for our customers.

Every car is built and tested before dispatch to make life easier and safer for you. We have flexible times for you to view the electrical cars.

We courier nationwide and do deliveries to our surrounding areas. So wherever you are just give us a shout.

061 304 7517
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Bableeqz Ride Ons

Bableeqz Ride On's - AmarokBableeqz Ride On's - Amarok
2018-10-18 12:55:36Home BasedFor SaleBenoniR R5999
Ford Ranger Electric Push Car
Bableeqz Ride On's - Doll CradleBableeqz Ride On's - Doll Cradle
2018-09-06 14:46:41Home BasedFor SaleBenoniR R499
Doll Cradle
Bableeqz Ride On's - Wire BeadsBableeqz Ride On's - Wire Beads
2018-09-06 14:42:18Home BasedFor SaleBenoniR R269
Wire Beads
Bableeqz Ride On's - FridgeBableeqz Ride On's - Fridge
2018-09-06 14:31:06Home BasedFor SaleBenoniR R750
Bableeqz Ride On's - Doll HouseBableeqz Ride On's - Doll House
2018-09-06 14:25:46Home BasedFor SaleBenoniR R850
Doll House
Bableeqz - Mercedes Benz ML350
Bableeqz Ride On's - Ford Ranger Bableeqz Ride On's - Ford Ranger
2018-08-07 18:32:23Home BasedFor SaleBenoniR 3499
Bableeqz - Full Rubber Tyres Ford Ranger
Bableeqz Ride On's - TractorBableeqz Ride On's - Tractor
2018-08-07 18:04:39Home BasedFor SaleBenoniR 2599
Bableeqz - Tractor
Bableeqz Ride On's - Quad BikeBableeqz Ride On's - Quad Bike
2018-07-23 22:05:08Home BasedFor SaleBenoniR 3999
Bableeqz Ride On's - Quad Bike
Bableeqz Ride On's - Merc GL 63 AMG
Bableeqz Ride On's - Audi R8 Spyder