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HHH Security Services is a solution to all your worries. Hoosen Ismael and Halima Ismail founded the company in 2004. We understand that different solutions need to be explored for different situations. With available resources, a low level of opposition, high support base and clear understanding of solutions we can make all your worries go away.


Our vision is to be recognized as one of the best security companies in Gauteng that transforms ordinary structures to corporate entities of the 21st Century. We pledge to offer our clients an exceptional service that brings a balance between quality, affordability and excellence.


HHH Security Services continuously strives to deliver quality, professional service by providing innovative and appropriate service solutions in a cost effective manner. We deliver what we promise on the dates and times expected by our clients.

Why Choose Us

We at HHH Security understand that security must address the risks but also be physically sound. We have attained knowledge and use our awareness of various risks and abilities to observe in any business when entrusted to safeguard the lives of staff, public and company assets.

We offer unparalleled service to our clients by building from our past to protect your future and lives because of the route we have travelled and our experience. Our approach is always unique. We focus to be equipped and to respond positively and effectively to all security threats.

Our Objectives

To protect our clients and their assets

To be one of the top security companies in South Africa

To strive for free robberies and break INS

To work hand in hand with the community and police

To always put our clients first


Providing security on Construction Sites

Car watch

Providing armed guards and patrolling guards to homes, events and businesses

VIP protection and escorting

Event security management

Dog Patrolling

Video and Audio Monitoring

Empowerment Program

We are aware of the high rate of unemployment in our Country. We also believe that the government alone cannot find sustainable solutions to the problem without the help of the business and community at large. Our company will create thousands of jobs for young people and will design an ongoing training program

CEO - 072 565 6265
COO - 079 646 3602
Office - 011 830 0979
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HHH Security Services - PatrolHHH Security Services - Patrol
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Patrolling the community
Night Patrol
HHH Security ServicesHHH Security Services
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HHH Security Services
HHH Security Services - Image Lifestyle
HHH Security Services - Armed Response
HHH Security Services
HHH Security Services - Dog Units
HHH Security Services - Home Security
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HHH Security Services - Patrol Units
HHH Security Services - Assisting The Community
HHH Security Services - Your Safety is our concern
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HHH Security - patrolling guards
Providing Security to construction sites
HHH - Events SecurityHHH - Events Security
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HHH Event Security
HHH Security Services - Mayfair
HHH - Dog UnitsHHH - Dog Units
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Dog Units
HHH - Empowerment ProgramHHH - Empowerment Program
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HHH Security Service - Empowerment Program
VIP Protection
HHH Security Services - Mayfair
HHH Armed GuardsHHH Armed Guards
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HHH Security Services - Armed Guards
HHH BodyguardsHHH Bodyguards
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HHH Security Services - Bodyguards
HHH Security ServicesHHH Security Services
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VIP Protection and Escorting
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