Pensacola Spur has been one of the first halaal stores opened in Johannesburg, we have been offering great food together with great service since 2001

We are a popular family steak out restaurant founded in 1967.

We ensure that all our food served to our customers meet the high standards demanded by both our customers and spur.

We are always sensitive, flexible and alert to our guests needs, aiming to make our customers our friends for life.

Our business is run for the enjoyment and pleasure of our customers.

We make our business a better place by being better people.

Children are very important customers that we treat with great care and respect.

Wel always run a clean, hygienic and well maintained Spur.

We ensure that all food served to our customers meets with the high standards demanded by both the customers and Spur.

We strive to ensure that customers are taken care to the very best of our ability.

We continue serving the community with great food creating outstanding memories

And we have the best kiddies play area in town….. YAY !!!!

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Pensacola Spur Fordsburg

Spur - Summer CoolersSpur - Summer Coolers
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Spur - Summer Coolers
Pensacola Spur - Win a Quad BikePensacola Spur - Win a Quad Bike
2018-07-23 20:52:20RestaurantContact For PriceFordsburg
Pensacola Spur - Win a Quad Bike
Pensacola Spur - Tirumisu DessertPensacola Spur - Tirumisu Dessert
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Pensacola Spur - Tirumisu Dessert
Pensacola Spur - Kids BurgersPensacola Spur - Kids Burgers
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Pensacola Spur - Kids Burgers
Pensacola Spur - Birthday PartiesPensacola Spur - Birthday Parties
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Pensacola Spur - Birthday Parties
Pensacola Spur - Hot ChocolatePensacola Spur - Hot Chocolate
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Pensacola Spur - Hot Chocolate
Pensacola Spur - Happy KidsPensacola Spur - Happy Kids
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Pensacola Spur - Happy Kids
Pensacola Spur - Fun Time Pensacola Spur - Fun Time
2018-07-23 19:45:44RestaurantContact For PriceFordsburg
Pensacola Spur - Fun Time
Pensacola Spur - Delicious DessertsPensacola Spur - Delicious Desserts
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Pensacola Spur - Delicious Desserts
Pensacola Spur - Creme Brulee
Pensacol Spur - CoffeePensacol Spur - Coffee
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Pensacola Spur - Coffee
Pensacola Spur - Classic Spur Burger
Pensacola Spur - Choco CookiePensacola Spur - Choco Cookie
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Pensacola Spur - Choco Cookie
Pensacola Spur - Chipotle Pensacola Spur - Chipotle
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Pensacola Spur - Chipotle
Pensacola Spur Cherry DessertPensacola Spur Cherry Dessert
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Pensacola Spur - Cherry Dessert
Pensacola Spur - Caramel PopcornPensacola Spur - Caramel Popcorn
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Pensacola Spur - Caramel Popcorn
Pensacola Spur - Big Bear ComboPensacola Spur - Big Bear Combo
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Pensacola Spur - Big Bear Combo